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Whether you are moving into a new home, leasing a new commercial space, have fired an employee. Have changed cleaning companies you may be considering changing your locks. You can put your security worries to rest without undergoing costly replacements. Re-keying can be an affordable and a much simpler alternative to replacing your locks. A skilled  locksmith can re-key an unlimited number of locks to all work with the same key.

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Re-keying a lock is modifying an existing lock to work with a new key. Unlike lock replacement. Re-keying is much less invasive and can done without removing the lock from its location. By re-keying a lock the internal mechanism transformed into a new configuration. which creates a completely different lock that correspond to a new key. This process alters the existing lock’s internal pins to create a new pattern. A specialized locksmith can do this service. Much more than replacing your locks in entirety. Re-keying also saves considerable expense. Over changing out the old locks for new ones. For rental and commercial properties it is often necessary to have a master key. That will open many locks.Our Locksmiths can perform master re-keying. to almost any configuration to meet the needs of the property owners.

The actual re-keying process is one that should left up to an expert. Although re-keying is a simple job for a trained locksmith. Attempting to re-key your own locks could be timely. You also run the risk of damaging your existing lock should you alter it. Whether you have a single lock or many locks to alter, re-keying can save you money. For details, speak to your local locksmith.

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You have purchased a new house, done with all the payments and paperwork. You must be relax now that the pain of searching for a home has finally reached an end. wait for a moment, as you have won half of the battle. The struggle of moving into your new address is yet to fought. You may not even realize but the D-day of shifting will come as if you wake up from a dream. Here is a bucket list of a few things to do before moving into your new house. You can remember this day, not as a painstaking one but a day filled with loads of memories.

As soon as your deal is over, and you can call that new house your own, the foremost thing. You need to do is to change the locks on all the exterior doors. The reason is pretty obvious. It is difficult to get assured that whether the last owner. The home guard, the broker or even the neighbor can have the house keys. As precaution is always better than cure.

Closing on your first home is exciting and often a nerve-racking experience. After months of looking for the right house. Finding your way through the mortgage process. Finally signing your closing papers at the title company is cause for celebration. At this point, you are likely waiting for the call from your real estate agent. To let you know when you can get the keys to your new house. Before you move into your new house, there is a list of things you should do to make sure your new home is clean and safe.

If the previous homeowners have lived in the house for a longtime. It is likely that there are many sets of keys floating around. The previous homeowner may have extra sets of keys. In the interest of your family’s safety. You should change the locks to the front and back doors before you move into the house. As there may be many keys to the front and back door of the house, there may be more garage door openers. It is in your interest to call a lock smith and change the security code for your garage door opener.

Get to know your new house and your neighborhood as as you can. Pay attention to when people come and go. Go meet your neighbors. Soon your new home and neighborhood will become familiar. You will be on the road to feeling more secure and comfortable with your new home.
We have looked at some of the changes that happen when you move to a new and unfamiliar home. Now let’s take a look at the practical steps. You should take upon moving into your new home to ensure that your home is secure.
• Check all your doors and windows to make sure that they close and . Make sure all windows lock and all doors latch without any play in the door when closed.
• Check all door locks to ensure they work and add dead bolts to doors that don’t have one.
• Consider having door locks re-keyed so that somebody with a copy of the key cannot enter your house.
• Check all exterior lighting to ensure that it works. Replace dead bulbs and any light fixtures that don’t work.
• Change the garage door opener codes.
• Establish a routine for leaving the house. That ensures that you check all doors to make sure they are lock.

By taking these simple steps, you can ensure that your home is more secure and safe. These may be things that you took for granted at your old home. But you need to be sure that your new home meets these basic criteria for home security. All the great things that come with moving. Most of all there is hope that your new home is safe. and secure.keying has an advantage if you want to change the keying sequence of your building.

For example, if you have many doors that work with a different key and you want these doors to all open with the same key. All these locks can be take apart and re-keyed so that they all open with the same key. To take this a little further you can create a master system. This is when all the doors open with different keys, but you have one that will open all the doors. Lock re-keying is the process of changing the lock code. The lock taken apart and the locking pins are replace with new pins. Springs then new keys cut to match the new locking pins. At this point the old keys will not operate the lock.

The reasons for re-keying a lock are many, but they should all revolve around security and key control. Let’s say that a bank has 5 keys. That open the bank doors, when they do an audit it is discover that they cannot account for one key. They have two choices: replace all the locks that the lost key opened or re-key all those locks. If the door hardware is in good condition then the choice should be to re-key. A locksmith can do this job at the bank and cut new keys to match the re-keyed locks. Key control is the process of knowing where all your keys are and who has them. If you can’t account for even one then re-keying should be your first action. Remember, without Control you do not have a secure facility. Most quality locks can be re-key. if the lock happens to be high security. Then when it is re-key you will get a new registered code with registered keys.

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