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Locksmith West Philadelphia is a professional company, providing you with expert locksmith solutions in Philadelphia, West Philadelphia and other neighborhood areas in Pennsylvania. We provide a wide range of services for residential, automotive and commercial purposes.

If you locked you keys in your car, simply call Locksmith West Philadelphia. You will not have to tow your car to our locksmith shop, because we provide mobile locksmith services. This means that whenever you will need locksmith support, the locksmith will arrive to your location promptly very fast.

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Auto Locksmith Service

So, the locksmith will be able to safely open your vehicle making sure to avoid any possible damage. On the other hand, if you are locked out of your car because the key broke inside the lock, the locksmith can help you with that too. Don’t try to get the broken key out by yourself in order to avoid any possible damage. Leave it to the professionals of Locksmith West Philadelphia. They have professional tools, and can lubricate the lock to safely extract the key out of the lock.

Also, right at your location the locksmith can provide you the replacement of your car key, no matter if it was lost or broken. All the necessary key cutting as well as key programming equipment the mobile locksmith have in their vans. All they will need from you if the proof of your ownership of the car and also make, model and year of it to know which type of key you require.

Locksmith West Philadelphia can also replace the locks on your car doors, trunk and even the ignition. Sometimes, if the broken key jammed too deep in the lock or ignition, the locks may need replacement. First of all, we will of course determine how bad the damage is. Maybe, the replacement won’t be necessary. In a lot of cases, after extracting the key, we can repair the lock if the damage wasn’t too big.

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Residential Locksmith

Residential Locksmith West Philadelphia provides a wide range of services for your home. Starting with the lockout services, replacing the keys, replacing the locks, and finishing with repairing of your garage and gate doors. Also, our services are affordable and we make sure to provide the quality of the highest level.

We also provide security services, as we know how important it is to keep your residence protected. We can give you professional advice and help you choose the security cameras, alarms or safes that will be the best fitting specifically for your house.

So, whenever you need high quality locksmith services, Locksmith West Philadelphia is your first place to go to. It doesn’t matter if it is an emergency or you need a regular maintenance, you can either call a mobile locksmith or make an appointment at the best time for you. Thus, if you need great locksmith services at affordable prices, call us today without hesitation.

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