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Did your key break off inside the ignition lock cylinder? Or maybe your key will not turn or it comes out while the vehicle is still running? Then you will need a professional ignition switch locksmith service. Auto Locksmith offers a wide range of services including commercial, residential and automotive support. A locksmith will be with you shortly after you make contact with us.

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If your key broke off inside the ignition cylinder, it may come off as a shock to you because you never expect that to happen. You should never attempt to extract the broken piece out of the cylinder yourself. Also, do not try to start the car with the broken piece inside. This can cause more damage and you may have to replace the cylinder. The locksmith has a car key extraction tool that allows him to get the piece out without causing any damage to the cylinder. If the ignition lock needs to be replaced, you will need to replace the door and trunk locks as well. The locksmith will then make new keys for all of the replaced locks.

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When your key will not turn the ignition, there may be something wrong with the cylinder or the key. If the teeth on your key wear down, this may cause the ignition not to turn, because the key doesn’t fully engage it. The tumblers inside the cylinder may also stick or wear out. If they are, it may also cause the key not to turn. When the tumblers get too oldn, it can actually let the key come out while the vehicle is still on. In any case, you should call a locksmith immediately when you notice a problem.

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