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Did you lose your car keys or lock them inside the vehicle? Then you will need to find a locksmith service quickly. Auto Locksmith offers a wide range of services including commercial, residential and automotive support. The locksmith will arrive directly to your location to help you out with your lockout emergency shortly after your call.

Losing your car keys can be a very stressful situation, but it doesn’t need to be. The first thing you should do is thoroughly search the areas where you think you may have lost it. Maybe you just misplaced them and backtracking your steps will help. If you still can’t find it, then it’s time to call a locksmith. They will be able to make new set of car keys right at your location. Also, they will be able to program the keys, if you need a remote car key replacement.

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When you accidentally lock your keys in your car it can be embarrassing. Most people have done it at some point in their lives, so don’t feel bad about it. If you don’t have a friend or spouse that has a spare key, then you need to call a professional car locksmith. We don’t recommend for you to try and unlock the vehicle by yourself. Using foreign objects like wire hangers or similar items can cause unnecessary damage. The locksmith will have the proper tools that allow them to easily access the car without causing any damage.

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If the key broke inside the door lock cylinder there is a good chance that the lock will not have to be replaced. The locksmith will lubricate the lock to ensure the piece slides out easily and causes no damage to the lock. The lock cylinder will only need to be replaced if there was damage caused when the piece broke inside it. Regardless if the key broke inside the door lock or in the ignition switch, the process is fairly simple and fastley completed. One very important thing to remember in this situation. Never try to start your car or extract the key piece yourself. You can cause additional damage that will cost you more time and money.

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